MMUK MAN Waterproof Mascara

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MMUK MAN have a long line of beauty products to make your eyes pop and dazzle. From their patented eye shadow, brow filler and pencil, guy liner and their Waterproof Mascara is no exception. With a brilliant and smart formula that is enriched with botanical goodness, you’ll find this product for enhancing the eye, second to none. MMUK MAN’s formulas are so beautifully crafted they rival those of other luxury cosmetic and beauty brands. Their range for men is exclusively premium with the direction and goal to help the men that use it. Transforming your eyes can always sound like a daunting task to some and words like mascara and eye shadow often steer men away. But, the Waterproof Mascara by MMUK MAN is versatile and lightweight. Mascara is a volumizing tool to increase the density and length of your lashes. With a creamy solution MMUK MAN have used patented technology to enrich your lashes with support to their health and wellbeing. The formula has active natural extracts of Aloe and Chamomile and the enriched alcohol analog panthenol, which is a provitamin of B5. You’ll also find Vitamins A, E & C infused in the creamy, waterproof formula. These ingredients are key to moisturising and nourishing your lashes, ensuring they are protected. You’ll find they strengthen the structure of your lashes from root to tip and lock in moisture. MMUK MAN’s lash defining mascara generates up to 60% thicker and longer lashes for a strong 24 hours of coverage. The shade of black is deep and intriguing and will captivate any audience. You’ll be known as the guy with the dark and enticing eyes. Vamp up your gaze with this masculine beauty, by MMUK MAN.
How To Use
Application is easy, and beginners will be able to take charge shortly after applying the first couple of strokes. Position yourself in front of a mirror and remove the brush applicator from the tube. Wipe of any excess into the tube and holding the brush in a horizontal position, proceed to your top set of lashes. From the base of your lashes stroke outwards to the tip and proceed with the desired amount. Using the same style of application, apply to your bottom lashes in the same motion. You’ll find that even a slight application to your lashes, can provide you with a definitive and reinforced look.







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