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MMUK MAN Translucent Loose Powder

$30.00 USD


  • What Is It:  Undetectable, full protective coverage and its makeup for men. The product is beautifully crafted, and its simply anti-shine safeguard is suitable for all skin types.  MMUK MAN developed their loose powder from their award-winning pressed powder version. The same brilliant anti-shine effect, but with a powder that can be dusted lightly for the most minimal coverage. This visionary product is available in 10 premium shades.

    Formulation:  Powder

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:  Undetectable and untraceable to anyone around you, you’ll have full day length protection from any shine. MMUK MAN only uses the best ingredients for their formulas. Gathering the potent and kind to skin actives organically and naturally, provides your skin with the best benefits. No long-term damage to your skin with a formula free from, nasty and unnatural sources, fragrances and artificial ingredients. The loose powder comes in a black compact case that is neat and minimal. Inside the screw top pot, contains the lightweight safeguarding powder. The powder itself is nourishing to the skin and designed specifically for men’s skin, which is usually thicker than the opposite sex. You’ll find the formula works deep within the skin to provide absorbing properties, to naturally secreted oils.

    This premium formula works instantly to mattify the area the product is applied too. It will not settle into the fine lines and crevices of your skin, so worry not about the powder cracking or clumping. When your skin produces excess sebum (oil), it begins to clog your pores and produce a shine to your skin that is noticeable. You’ll find with an application of the Translucent Loose Powder, your skin won't feel or look oily. The powder uses special ingredients to actively vacuum oils, without drying the skin. Lower branded powders often use chemicals, or harsh ingredients to produce anti-shine results. The powders are usually damaging to your skin and tend to dry the skin out, leaving it feeling irritable and inflamed. This lightweight powder will become your best friend for tackling shine on the face and can be used daily. With a huge range of shades available, the powder is naked to the human eye once applied. Enjoy a day length of protection either on its own, or on top of additional makeup.