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MMUK MAN Shea Body Butter

$22.00 USD

  • What Is It:  Body moisturizing is something many men shy away from. But, body care is super important and MMUK MAN understand this dilemma. They have created a subtle scented and masculine approved body cream (body butter), for men of all ages. It is important to nourish your body with a product that will enrich your skin with goodness. MMUK MAN’s Shea Body Butter contains, 8% fair trade shea butter. This nourish nut has a powerful oil that is usually the base of most body moisturizers on the market today. Its potent and helps to condition the skin, leaving a veil-like barrier around it to secure the retention of moisture. The Shea nut is a potent active and provides long-lasting day length protection, without leaving a greasy residue.

    Formulation:  Cream

    Skin Type:  Dry

    Coverage:  Desired Area

    What Else You Should Know: It is important to nourish your body with a product that will enrich your skin with goodness. Without consistent moisturizing you’ll find that your skin becomes tight and taut overtime. You’ll find it painful and sore the longer you leave it. Areas such as your knees, elbows and feet become hard and discolored from a build up of hardened skin. This can be avoided with moisturizing with a good product, enriching the skin with ingredients to prevent this from happening.

    The Shea Body Butter formula also contains jojoba and sunflower seed oil, which like its shea counterpart work together to provide barrier protection for your skin. Natural oils are vital for the skins complexion and should be considered for anyone struggling with dry skin. Cleansing your body from naturally secreted oils and replacing them with oils extracted from potent nuts and seeds, will provide you skin with a healthier body barrier. Natural body oils can contain toxins which lead to breakouts and blemishes. MMUK MAN provide men today with an option to do something about their dry and dehydrated skin on the body. The enriched formula is smooth and comfortable to wear, leaving little to no residue behind. Allow the product to sink into the skin for a feel that is smooth and silky.