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MMUK MAN Setting Spray

$30.00 USD

  • What Is It:  The last stage to any perfection makeup coverage is setting it in place. A hydrating setting mist to finalize your makeup and allow for the skin to be left with a soft matte finish. The spray douses the face with micro spheres of concentrated vitamins/minerals in a water-blended solution.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Skin Type:   All

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:MMUK MAN know this and are here to reveal their luxury Setting Spray. It is important to set your makeup coverage in place. Skipping this step will leave you having to provide touch-ups to your coverage. Any form of aggressor such as wind, will be more forceful against your makeup. And you’ll be left having to live more carefully. Life is dangerous enough, make it more manageable and set your makeup in place! The formula used is a botanical storm of goodness for the skin. You’ll find that it leaves your skin feeling nourished and conditioned after your applied and provide an extra safeguard to your makeup too. The formula is the perfect finisher to leave you naturally glowing and provide a soft, matte finish to your complexion. Inside this enriched solution you’ll find actives and ingredients of natural origin. Cucumbers and Green Tea Leaf Juice, which are sustainably sourced, offer rich refreshment to your skin and promote hydration by splashing your skin with nourishing moisture controlling actives. You will also find concentrated vitamins and minerals packed inside condition the skin and leave it with a layer of antibacterial goodness. This helps to tone and provide a shield like barrier that actively protects. The setting state is then achieved using this mixture of botanical ingredients to naturally secure your coverage in place for the day ahead. You’ll find the scent of the mist to be gentle, subtle and uplifting. It leaves you feeling fresh and finished, ready to tackle the day. This last step of setting your makeup is important. You’ll find you makeup needn’t be reapplied or touched-up, because its been set in place professionally. For a natural complexion and a soft and flawless matte finish, choose the right kind of Setting Spray. Choose MMUK MAN

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