MMUK MAN Protective Jojoba Moisturiser

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A luxurious statement in MMUK MAN’s arsenal of beauty products, designed exclusively for men. The Protective Jojoba Moisturiser is a beautiful and rich product to use against the skin. Moisturizing is key to having a better complexion. Without it, you’ll find your skin becomes barren looking and the results can vary. You’ll notice dry patches, dull and tight feeling skin. Moisturizer daily provides the essential barriers to act against natural and unnatural aggressors, which damage our skin. Pollutants and elements such as wind can make our skin look unhealthy. MMUK MAN’s enriched Protective Jojoba Moisturizer provides exactly what you need to kickstart your day correctly. The product firstly comes in a wonderfully designed bottle that will fit subtly on your bathroom shelf. The iconic MMUK branding and black, sleek and professional casing is a statement piece of luxury. The moisturizer not only benefits by protecting your skin but works wonders for any men who enjoy MMUK MAN’s premium cosmetic range too. It works as a pre-makeup moisturiser to set your skin ready, before the application of concealers and foundations. The formula for this moisture contains nourishing, jojoba, avocado, shea butter and grape seed. These naturally obtained extracts work to nourish the skin by providing a natural barrier against the skin. They work with their rich structural properties, to layer the skin with a veil-like safeguard, that helps to prevent moisture loss. By keeping your skin hydrated and locking in moisture, your skin is left softer. The formula doesn’t dry greasy onto the skin, and you are left with no residue. So, for any men who suffer from skin irritations, tightness, pain or redness on their skin, this moisturizer is a wise choice to invest in. You’ll feel instantly the moisturizer actively soothe an nourish your skin. Suitable for daily use and anyone with dry and normal skin. This premium, hydrating moisturiser will become your go to cream. No matter what age, the cream is suitable for use on any type of skin. Lock in the moisture you skin needs and allow the luxury-based formula to soothe you sore skin and leave your complexion healthy and your skin conditioned







40 g