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MMUK MAN Nourishing Hand Cream

$22.00 USD

  • What Is It:  This Nourishing Hand Cream will become your new favorite at revitalizing your sore and damaged hands. A simple and powerful product created by MMUK MAN to ensure men with softer and recharged hands. A wonder worker for men who are actively using their hands daily. Be it someone on a building site, a doctor or someone who travels a frequent amount, this one is for you. A brilliant choice for every guy really, but for the few who’s hands take a beating each day, the formula will provide that deep nourishment your hands require. MMUK MAN have selectively engineered this premium formula to work against the hardened skin that form on active hands. The shea butter base, avocado and grape seed oil solution penetrates deep within the skin to lock in hydration for long periods of time. A heavy-duty reinforcement for your skin and one favored by many men. The lightweight solution is quickly absorbed into the hands and leaves no sticky, or greasy residue behind. Only the feeling of softer and nourished skin. Your hands will naturally take a beating daily. Be it a job, or natural aggressors. Such as the likes of wind damage or cold dehydrating the skin. Its important to provide a protective glove of nourishment to them.

    MMUK MAN’s formula was created to battle the thickness of men’s skin and leave a long-lasting veil of protection around them. The conditioning components actively retain moisture to optimal levels. Its an intense cream that with consistent use will soften any hardened skin on your hands. It helps to repair any damaged or split skin with its patented technology. Worry not about harsh elements or your day to day use, damaging your skin. MMUK MAN have you covered (literally) and provide you with elite, visible results. The formula is kind to the skin and you’ll be left confidence your hands won’t take such a beating from your day to day actives. The product comes in the simple and classic MMUK iconic design. It will not look out of place on your bedside table, or bathroom cabinet. Choose MMUK MAN to support your skins needs.