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MMUK MAN Moisture Serum

$32.00 USD

  • What Is It:  Serums are powerful tools to enrich the skin with botanical goodness. They usually come as a pump action or pipette style applicator and only a few drops are needed per use. Serums are super concentrated and deliver highly beneficial vitamins and minerals deep within the skin, with a complexity of actives such as peptides. By allowing a solution to contain these fancy sounding components, your skin can receive the benefits down the lower layer of your skin. Lower branded beauty products only allow the product to sit on top of the skin. MMUK MAN choose their line to really make an impact instead. To provide men of any age and skin type the use of beautiful engineered tools, to promote healthier looking and feeling skin. Their Moisture Serum is second to none. It comes in a simple black bottle that will sit proudly and undetectable on your bathroom shelf. Serums are to be used before a moisturizer is put on and should be used after toning your skin with a toner. Toners are active keys to improving the performance of products such as serums. It would be wise to include one in your skincare routine.

    MMUK MAN’s Moisture Serum restores the youth back into your skin. The formula is enriched with many components that make this possible. The solution is a silky liquid textured gel that is absorbed into the skin effortlessly. You’ll notice with consistent use (over the course of about 6-10 weeks) that your skin appears firmer and more toned. Fine lines and wrinkles will become thinner and less dense in size. The skin's surface will be improved, and you’ll find your skin is ‘lifted’ to reveal a bouncier complexion. The hyaluronic acid, amino acids and multi- peptide base formula encourages the retention of moisture in the skin, which has a huge impact of the structure of your skin. The product is suitable for all skin types and delivers exceptional engineered science to your skin. MMUK MAN are proud to say their serum is a premium masterpiece. With real and visible results from many returning customers, the introduction of their Moisture Serum to the beauty market was a revolution. Join the others today and provide you skin with an elixir of potent and patented technology to increase the firmness, elasticity, and defense of your skin. The age-reversing serum communicates deep within your skin to safeguard you against skin aging.