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MMUK MAN Mineral Anti Shine Powder

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  • What Is It:  A anti shine mineral mattifer. This premium solution works as a buffer for any excess oils, beginning to form on the skins surface and will provide hydration resistance to you skin, while allowing your complexion to remain shine-free.

    Formulation:  Mineral Powder

    Skin Type:  Oily

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:  MMUK MAN’s anti-shine powder works to mattify the area applied. It works as a versatile product and can be used a few different ways to provide you with brilliant results for either desired looks. It can firstly be used on its own, which has become quite a popular choice by men who want help to control shine.

    Men have oilier skin than women in general terms. We often produce more excess sebum, which is natural oils from the skin, which is released through our pores. This natural (and nasty) odor leaves our skin looking shiny and reflective. To help this, men will use skincare products to tackle the high volumes of oil they produce. We can add yet another step and layer of safeguard to our skin, by using the Mineral Loose Mattifier. The product can be applied directly to the skin and will provide a mattifying effect to the area applied too. The formula which is kind to the skin, acts as a buffer for any excess oils, beginning to form on your skin's surface. The powder which absorbs the oils microscopically, will allow your complexion to remain shine-free. The premium solution in the powder will not only do this but provide hydration resistance to your skin too. It works to keep moisture in the skin and leaves it feeling nourished. It promotes day long protection from shine and guarantees to condition your skin, whilst being worn.

    The mineral powder may also be used with a full coverage look to apply the same mattifying effect to your skin. Additionally, you’ll see that it helps to ‘set’ your makeup further. The powder which is ultra-fine in size, will provide blanket protection from moisture and humidity from natural aggressors. It contains no fragrances, or other harmful ingredients. It only uses premium and quality-controlled actives to ensure no damage to your skin. The powder works beautifully for those who suffer from sensitive and dry skin. Leaving no irritation once applied and providing you with the best coverage and results on the market. No need to sacrifice your masculinity, the powder is transparent and truly undetectable once applied. (No-one needs to know, your secret it safe with us at MMUK MAN)