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MMUK MAN Liquid Guyliner

$21.00 USD


  • What Is It:  MMUK MAN’s Liquid eyeliner is here to reshape the eye makeup for men spectrum forever. Offering a defined black tone for the rocker in you and a smoldering brown shade for the subtle male makeup advocate, the truth is gents, you’re certain to find the perfect color to match your eye makeup demands with the help of MMUK MAN.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Skin Type:   All

    Coverage:  Eyes

    What Else You Should Know:  MMUK MAN have formulated a brilliant option for you to boost your eye area. Beautifully crafted by their experts, MMUK MAN have produced this luxury liner. To provide you with ease of application and smooth coverage for your eyes. It transforms your eyes, into something to stare at. The liner comes in a handy travel sized vial. So, you’ll find it easy to take with you on the go, or whilst you are away from home. Travelling often limits us to beauty and skincare routine products, but MMUK MAN have chosen neat and tidy compact sized lines to bring ease into your life. The liner comes in two main colors, black and brown. Black will tone your eyes for a more dramatic look, with a pigment that is heavy, you’ll create these firm frames around your eyes. The option for a coverage that is softer and subtler, choose the brown shade. The liner comes with a handy precision pen-style applicator. A targeted and stroked end allows for accuracy and slickness. Effortlessly glide the pen style applicator to provide a sharp and professional finish to your eyes. The formula is long lasting and sets within minutes of application to the eyes. This quick drying formula is a revolution in the men’s cosmetic world and allows the user to apply, and then crack on with his day. No time wasted and no hassle. With a flake free, anti-congealing and anti-fading formula you have a win, win, win. MMUK MAN have engineered the liner to be kind to the skin with its hypoallergenic construct. It promotes superior coverage that is professional and subtle, whilst preventing damage to your masculinity and skin. It is a bold move to start wearing men’s cosmetics, but it doesn’t have to be wild.

    MMUK MAN’s line of formulas provide exactly what you need to uplift your groomed look to a level that is truly engaging. You’ll find framing your eyes the correct way entices more people to take notice and act up on it. You can use the liner professionally, or personally for whatever occasion. A little darkness is ominous and if you’re dressed and groomed, head-to-toe looking your best. A little extra help could secure you the chance to meet someone fantastic.