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To give yourself every opportunity to shine and be memorable, is something any man who strives to be the best should be taking. MMUK MAN have your eyes covered with their luxury sculpting formula. Full, strong looking lashes for lads who want the best. It’ll bring attention to your eyes, which is worth its weight in gold. Your eyes are the gateway to your soul, so why not make the gateway look its utmost nicest. By framing your eyes for a look that is almost paralysing to whomever is in front of you. You’ll always get somebody's full attention using a mascara formulated for men. The handy travel size option is great for trips away from home, be for business or pleasure. Its black casing is subtle and will fit nicely along your bathroom shelving. The formula is the best part with no plastics, fibres or sealers. You can guarantee a smooth application, without clogging and clumping. The cream-based formula upholds your lashes with a waterproof and lengthening property. You will be left with a professional and effective eye makeup, that doesn’t hinder your masculinity. Transform your eyes with the mascara brush designed specifically for men. The only option available for men that provides detailed coverage, whilst maintaining that masculine identity. MMUK MAN have selected only the top ingredients to deliver a fresh and gentle application. Your lashes are often longer as a male. Why not illuminate them a tad more to bring an enticement about them, it will be noticeable. MMUK MAN have delivered 3 varieties to choose from, Brown, Black and Clear. You’ll find the black shade option will work well for dark hair/eyed men. Become a dark horse and award yourself with that James Dean smoulder with this beautifully crafted formula. Or whether you are fairer hair/eye coloured, the brown or clear option will add a slight darkness to brighten your eyes and bring the focal point back up to them. Less is more, apply a little coverage to achieve bigger results. The results are striking!
How To Use
Application is easy, just remove the wand from the tube and ensure that any extra solution is wiped into the tube. You will allow the wand to last longer. Place the wand at the base of your lashes and with a motion swiping away from you, build up the desired amount. For the top lashes, apply the same motion and repeat until happy with the amount of coverage. You’ll transform your eyes within a matter of seconds. Using a mirror to apply with make this step easier.
Brown, Black and Clear




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Clear, Black, Brown




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