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MMUK MAN Lash Primer For Men

$22.00 USD

  • What Is It:  This luxurious eye makeup for men base can be worn with or without mascara depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For the extremely subtle makeup for men advocate you can use this product on its own to add natural volume and very subtle definition to your lashes, whilst still creating a seductively striking finish. Alternatively, you can use such a lash primer for men to amplify the performance and appearance of mascara use by applying the primer just before this men’s eye makeup product, giving you a striking finish.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Coverage:  Eye Lashes

    What Else You Should Know: If you’re looking for a finish somewhere in between these two looks then take advantage of MMUK MAN’s Lash Primer’s ability to easily and expertly attract mascara for men to your lashes, ultimately ensuring you apply less to achieve your desired mid-range appearance. As a result, your men’s eye makeup experience remains flawless and effective yet equally as masculine. Another element ultimately portraying a more subtle look, if this is what you are hoping for, is the fact that this men’s eye makeup base takes advantage of what you have already in the lash department, giving you a professional head start to achieve your cosmetic goals.

    A fourth dimension to an expert eye makeup for men look can also be achieved with this male lash primer. By nourishing, preserving and conditioning the lashes, this product ultimately provides the perfect foundation to expert eye makeup wear. By guarding against breakages and fatigue there will be nothing left for you to do but strike away with complete confidence in your new masculine enriched eye finish. Apply this lash primer before bed to perfectly condition your eye lashes whilst you sleep, waking up in a new stratosphere of refreshment, guaranteed to impress.

    Enjoy the benefits of long lasting mascara wear assisted by MMUK MAN’s fragrance and dye free formula. With fully certified dermatological backing, there’s nothing standing in your way of achieving those smoldering, captivating and revitalized eyes day in, day out with the professional assistance of MMUK MAN.