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MMUK MAN Intense Hyaluronic Moisturizer

$35.00 USD

  • What Is It:  MMUK MAN’s Intense Hyaluronic Moisturizer is a premium statement piece for anyone suffering from sensitive skin. By providing the skin with the essential nutrients and components it needs, you can relieve the skin from any uncomfortableness. The hyaluronic acids used in this moisturizer works to actively keep your skin supple and youthful. It’s a heavyweight ingredient that boosts the skin's performance and is extremely delicate to the skin at the same time. The formula contains vitamin E, wild yam root extract and shea butter that provide nourishing and conditioning properties to the skin. The extracts used are calming to the skin and provide that soothing and healing property that people with sensitive skin need.

    Formulation:  Cream

    Skin Type:  Sensitive

    Coverage:  Face

    What Else You Should Know: MMUK MAN saw a gap where men who suffer with sensitive skin weren’t being properly catered for. You’ll find that the market is low with products properly suited for people battling these skin inconsistencies. Daily moisturizing is key to a great complexion. By doing this you actively encourage your skin to feel healthier and the ingredients used play a part in generating stronger and more resilient skin. Each ingredient tames sensitive skin and you’ll find over time with consistent use, your skin is firmer, more comfortable and more elastic. This moisturizer will care and nourish the skin and allow you the freedom to live your day. To combat and control sensitive skin was the goal for MMUK MAN and with their Intense Hyaluronic Moisturizer they have achieved that. Your skin will be left feeling silky, smooth and most importantly relieved. The formula has been created exclusively for men’s skin, which unlike the opposite sex is tougher and harder to penetrate with products. An engineered construct of key elements and components actively deliver the formula to the skin and deep within too. MMUK MAN’s experts have spent voluminous amounts of time perfecting this for their demographic. Join the other men using MMUK MAN to boost their skins performance and confidence and experience the revolution of MMUK MAN’s skincare line.