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MMUK MAN Skin Primer

$31.00 USD


  • What Is It: MMUK MAN have created this premium solution to aid you in multiple ways. Firstly, we’ve established the protective and structural properties that the ‘Camera Ready Foundation Primer’ can achieve for us. Safeguarding our skin from cosmetics and providing a smooth area to which to apply onto. You’ll find the formula a wonder for your skin too as it promotes a healthier feeling and looking complexion. The solution is enriched with complexes to support optimized moisture control in the skin. You’ll find the same benefit for how it controls oil levels too. The primer contains salicylic acid and works by absorbing oils that the skin generates naturally, so that your makeup is not affected.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:  Primers are used to set and form a barrier between your skin and any makeup you intend to use. It acts as a light shield to ensure your skin is conditioned and comfortable all day long. It is the base you use before applying any form of cosmetic on your skin. It provides a balanced and even texturing to the skin whilst giving you a luxurious silky matte finish. It has often been said that breakouts have increased without the use of a primer. This is due to your pores absorbing makeup and becoming clogged. By using a primer, you ensure that your pores are clear from debris, which if left unprotected lead to future breakouts. If oils gather in your pores, they become trapped and harden. Primers support healthier skin and extend the duration of coverage for any cosmetic products used. Much like the foundation blocks for a house, you’ll find it supports the structure of makeup better as it is built up over your face.

    You will also see the benefit the primer has for any fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to minimize them, so your follow up application of foundation is smooth and mattified. This guarantees a subtle and natural look for your makeup. MMUK MAN have infused this primer with botanical actives to give you camera clear skin. Extracts of such, Orange, Grape, Aloe Vera and Kiwi provide the skin with concentrated vitamin and mineral benefits to nourish your skin during, but also after the removal of your makeup.