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MMUK MAN Cover Up Concealer Stick

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Our MMUK MAN ultimate blemish cover up stick is a cream to powder miracle worker. They have given men the ultimate tool to target and banish unwanted imperfections. A luxury statement piece in our collection and available in 10 premium shades. Concealers are used to mask a numerous amount of imperfections that can taunt the confidence of men. Human skin is not perfect and contains flaws, that is the natural breakdown of it. Using a concealer will provide a temporary mask to erase these imperfections and leave you with skin that looks flawless and camera ready. You’ll find a large quantity of men use concealers daily and it should be a product that you should be investing in. It is simple and super effective to use, whether you apply for a full face or targeted area. As mentioned the formula comes in 10 shades, so you can be confident to find the correct colour matched shade for yourself. The types of imperfections that is can help hide are things such as, blackheads, large pores, acne scarring, dark circles, puffiness, pigmented skin, wrinkles and fine lines, damaged capillaries and blemishes, such as spots and pimples. The formula will blend out the area applied too, leaving an untraceable layer to which the naked eye will find it difficult to spot. Here at MMUK MAN we have developed this skin enhancing concealer to not only ‘cover up’ but enriched the skin too. Packed full of essential vitamins whilst giving you daily protection. Once applied the solution will nourish the skin and keep the coverage looking perfect. You’ll find your skin will not dry out and cause any makeup on top to crack. Blend out to reveal flawless skin without the heaviness typical concealers give. Due to its patented formula and with its botanical agents, this concealer will allow you to resume all masculinity, but at the same time look drop dead flawless whilst you do so. It's subtle and effective and provides nourishing benefactors to you skin, allowing you skin to breathe and keep hydrated once applied. You'll bring a smile to your face once you see the results this little miracle can bring to your morning routine. This concealer stick has nib to aid in targeted precision and accuracy. The formula is creamy and dries as a lightweight and ultrafine powder, that sits effortlessly on the skin.
The shades available are: N3, N4, N5, N7, N8, N9, N10, C6, C7 & C8.




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N3, N4, N5, N7, N8, N95, N10, C6, C7, C8




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