MMUK MAN Brow Cream Liner

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Eyeshadow sounds daunting for men and for most, they will just continue to skip ahead. But, fret not, because our MMUK MAN’s Brow Cream Liner is a revolution at adding a sense of darkness and mystery to your eyes. Available in 3 shades and depending on your mood, dark brown, light brown and black are available in your arsenal. From something light and subtle with a hint of added colour, you should choose the light or dark brown shade. But for some added depth and deepness, a slight coverage of black will entice and enhance your gaze. A perfection option for a date, or a night out. You can proudly achieve that smouldering dark horse character. This product is far from a feminine look and at MMUK MAN, we know exactly who our products are for. Take time to apply subtle amounts to completely redefine your eyes. Practice makes perfect and it might take a couple of attempts, but once mastered, you can create the desired look you are after. The skin enhancing shades are suitable for most skin tones and the formula is triple milled. MMUK MAN only uses selective ingredients of natural origin in their cosmetics. And that is especially important around delicate areas such as your eyes. MMUK MAN’s formulas are kind to the skin and promote to the health and well being of your skin too. The quality of ingredients used in the Brow Cream Liner allow for day length (or night) wear and leave your skin feeling good. You’ll find that the liner doesn’t irritate the skin and is gentle to apply and remove. For a sophisticated and professional look, less is more. Choose MMUK MAN to up your game, whether it professionally for the workplace, or for a fun night out. You do not have to fit inside a box, be daring and allow MMUK MAN to be your wingman.
How To Use
Applying is easy, either use an angled tip brush, or the tip of you index finger. Lightly dust your eye lid and apply it with delicate and tactful applications, to create that subtle, yet striking look. There are no rules to why guys can’t sport mysterious eyes. Vamp up your grooming routine with MMUK MAN.
Dark Brown, Light Brown and Black

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Dark, Medium Brown, Light Brown




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