MMUK MAN Bronzer

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Bronzer is powder that illuminates targeted areas on the face to reflect light. Applying it on the top of your cheek will grant a 'bronzed' sun kissed effect. Using it, you can enhance your natural features and provide a summer glow all year round. Available in 2 different shades for the variety of men who adore a natural glow and finish to their complexion. This incredible lightweight and fine powder have been carefully selected to give you maximum coverage without flaking or cracking against the skin.  To ensure a match against your own skin, MMUK MAN have two types of bronzers 300 (light) & 500 (dark). These formulas have a revolutionary matte finish that gives you just the right highlighting, where your face may require them the most.  Bronzers are a fantastic option to use to give you a subtle summer glow all year round. Do not let those cooler months dampen your complexion. The formula works brilliantly throughout the year, even during fluctuating temperatures. The powder used is ultra-fine and upon application, it sets deeper with the skin. You’ll enjoy a professional finish that will set your entire makeup. Both masculine and subtle, MMUK MAN's Bronzer has long-lasting properties, to ensure the day ahead has no hurdles for your coverage. You’ll find that the formula lasts beautifully all day, without cracking or looking and feeling too cakey. Should you need a light touch up, it is easy to build upon and you’ll find that a little goes a long way. Its compact and slim design allow for travelling ease. It has a built-in mirror to see oneself and provide more controlled application. You’ll find MMUK MAN’s Bronzer, trusty and essential. 


How To Use
Using small amounts to begin with and building upon as desired, to achieve a healthier and even complexion. Stretch and even out this bronzer with a decent quality brush to ensure balance and light perfection.
Shade 300 – For a matte toned finish, which provides a masculine touch to your makeup coverage. This most favourite shade will guard against shimmer, whilst achieving that full-cover desired bronzing to the skin. This versatile shade works beautifully for any skin tone. A brilliant option for those men who prefer cover that is subtle and super effective.
Shade 500 – Sun kissed and effortless. This shade provides a natural tone and a healthy complexion. Suitable all year round for a look that is minimal and looks instantly good.




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