MMUK MAN Botanical Firming Toner

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For the perfect two-step cleansing and toning routine, you should choose MMUK MAN’s Botanical Firmer Toner. You’ll always receive better benefits by using a routine and products that work together in harmony. MMUK MAN is no exception with their line, where you can pick together products that sync together nicely and provide longer benefits to your skin’s health and overall complexion. Whilst cleansing is the way to go, using a toner will provide that last sweep through of solution to banish any residing bacteria or dirt on the face. Think of it as an after cleanse that will guarantee he removal of any additional impurities on the skin. The formula used was created to be used for all skin types, so that allows anyone or any age to enjoy the benefits of it. Inside you’ll find aloe vera, chamomile and Japanese green tea leaf extract. These botanical goodies have been naturally derived to provide you skin with nourishing and healing benefits. For any men who suffer from acne breakouts and blemished skin, the ingredients will assist in the reduction of these. You’ll also find cucumber extract which reinforces the skin to increase firmness and tightens the area applied too. It also locks down pores and creates a shield like barrier to negate any entry of spot inducing nasties. The toner works to improve the conditioning of your skin and as mentioned above assists with cosmetic wear afterwards. Products like our MMUK MAN Bronzers and Foundations will have improved performances when used injunction with this firmer toner. MMUK MAN’s formula enriched products are pure luxury and rival those top of the beauty market. Using a toner is beneficial to attach that clean complexion, that looks firmer and refreshed. Marine extracts make their home in the solution too and promote skin toughness. It's no surprise we are a leading specialist in the beauty market. With botanical elixirs available for men of all ages and skin types that showcase real and significant results, you can see why really. Join the revolution and be bold to try products, which aren’t generalise, but specifically structure and catered to you reading.
How To Use
Easy to use too, apply a small amount to a clean and organic cotton pad and wipe in the crevasse of your face. For those natural contoured features, this will help the removal of debris, that might have been missed with a cleanser. The toner ‘sets’ the skin to a state where you can apply the next steps of your regime hassle free. You’ll also find MMUK MAN’s toner will improve the condition of the next set of products onto you face and kickstart them to activate quicker once applied. 

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