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MMUK MAN Anti Acne Cleansing Lotion

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  • What Is It: MMUK MAN Botanical Anti Acne Cleansing Lotion is a must have for anyone looking for a premium cleansing lotion. The solution is an elixir of botanical engineering and has been featured in GQ for its tenacity as a kind to the skin, but powerful cleanser. The anti-acne formula works at high performance to ensure the depletion of acne, both present and forthcoming. For those present, it helps at reducing the redness and bacterial build up with its antioxidant extracts. Reducing the size and inflammation of the spots and calming the skin inflamed. For future spot prevention, it provides the skin with protecting barrier-like shielding from bacteria finding its way into the skin.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know: The clarifying lotion contains, cucumber extract, aloe vera and chamomile that make this all possible. The natural essences of these extracts soothe and create veil-like qualities to the skin to keep skin clear and clean. Another interesting feature that MMUK MAN are proud to share, is the lotion not only cleanses your skin for a fresher complexion, but actively supports and improves the performances of products such as foundation and concealers. You’ll find using MMUK MAN’s luxury cosmetic range will work a treat, if partnered with the anti-blemish cleansing lotion. For improved performance you should take advantage of the full range MMUK MAN have delivered to its male audience. The cleanser is no exception. Powerful with its breakdowns of facial oils and dirt to reveal, clean and clear skin underneath. It provides the perfect canvas to work upon, whilst retaining the moisture in your skin. Your complexion will be camera ready and evenly toned.

    Here at MMUK MAN we provide men with a professional quality grooming experience, from the moment you cleanse your skin, until you finish your routine with moisturizer and any additional coverage. Our presentation and attention to detail have ensured our position as one of the best in the men’s beauty market. This product comes in both a travel sized option and full size. One for home and one for any travels in your future.