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MMUK MAN Blending Oblong Sponge

$14.00 USD

Makeup sponges are an essential tool for anyone using both cream or powder-based products. MMUK MAN only use the best ingredients for their range of makeup and this rolls onto their accessory range too. This latex-free and sponge has been created into an ‘oblong’ style shape to provide you with easier application. The sponge itself is washable and easy to clean and re-use. This helps protect the environment and its resilience and long shelf life reinforce this. It was created to provide the user ease when applying their favourite MMUK MAN facial products. It assists for those hard to reach, natural contours of the face and enable even applications every time. To clean, douse the sponge under warm water and apply a little bit of cleanser to it. Generate a lather and using squeezing actions, rinse the sponge through until completely clear.

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