MMUK MAN Beard Setting Pomade

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Our Beard & Brow Setting Pomade was introduced to the MMUK MAN range after the successful launch of Beard & Brow Filler. This luxurious counterpart has been released as the next step in your grooming game.  The formula used is kind to the skin and doesn’t cause irritations. You’ll find even the length of time the product is sitting on the face, you’ll not feel the need to itch your face. This powder sits comfortably for the day ahead and the introduction of the Setting Pomade will provide an extra set of hours protection and coverage. So, a perfect option if you’ve a longer day a head than usual, or a party after work. This translucent pomade will provide stronger coverage, but the flexibility to shape and tame facial hair, at the same time. An improvement to your grooming game for sure, the formula will help to promote a matte finish to your makeup. The pomade has a premium consistency and nourishing effect on the hair. It stretches well, so less is more. The pomade ensures stray hairs are at bay and neatly in-line with the natural direction of your beard and brows. This (extra) setting pomade is a revolution to provide superior coverage for a long day ahead. With a nourishing formula that conditions and controls your facial hair. You’ll find this the perfect counterpart product to MMUK MAN’s Beard & Brow Filler. You can simply use this product on its own, without the previous step before. You’ll find it guides stray hairs and leaves you with a perfect matte styling finish.
How To Use
Apply with our MMUK MAN Angle Beard Filler Badger Hair Brush for precision and an even application. To use this product correctly and the more effectively, first apply the Beard & Brow Filler to the desired area. The fine powder of the filler enhances your natural facial hair, whilst also providing an illusion of coverage for those who suffer from facial hair patchiness or the thinning of hair. This ultra-fine powder is lightweight and luxurious and sets deeply within the hair and skin for day long effects.  









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