MMUK MAN Age Defender Under Cover Concealer

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  • C8
  • C6
  • C57
  • C45
  • N9
  • N8
  • N7
  • N5
  • N4
  • C25
Bring back the youth into your skin with our premium formulated, Age Defender Under Cover Concealer. Stylised with our iconic MMUK Man black, clean and minimal packaging, this concealer will sit proudly and subtly on any man's bathroom shelf. With a powerful range of 10 shades, you’ll find this second to none as it rivals other premium and luxury branded cosmetics on the market.  Its patented formula is enriched with collagen to help plump and condition your skin. With its time reversal properties collagen allows increased elasticity of the skin and helps to provide a natural bounce back. The formula is enriched with the ability to help against puffiness and fatigue. You’ll find it leaves your skin feeling tighter and firmer, especially the eye area, where the skin is 10x thinner. This delicate area will feel refreshed and reinforced with goodness. We have created this luxury piece to rival those on the market and being specifically designed for men’s skin which is generally tougher than the opposite sex. The solution works smart to deliver the elixir to the skin and the layers underneath. The coverage is long-lasting and water resistant. Allowing for the product to be worn for long periods of time and with its quick- drying properties, you’ll find it doesn’t take long to apply in the morning. This beautifully crafted formula conceals imperfections and provides an even toned complexion.
Concealers are used to mask and camouflage a range of flaws, imperfections and blemishes. Things such as blackhead, pimples, rough and dry patches of skin, wrinkles and fine lines, broken capillaries, redness, scars and uneven grooves in the face. Providing you with a full face that is flawlessly covered, subtle and doesn’t damage your alpha masculine nature. There is no law about you looking your best, so why limit yourself, when you can achieve the same results and give yourself a boost in confidence. The powerful and aggressive anti-aging formula will conceal flaws that may have knocked your self-confidence and work instantaneously to provide nourishing benefits for your skin and give you a complexion worth a tv appearance.  
How To Use
Applying is easy with our blending beauty sponge. It can be applied in one of two ways, either lay the formula on your skin using the applicator inside and dab evenly, or applied directly onto the sponge. Ensure you pat the sponge in a motion that doesn’t leave streaking across parts of the face. 
The 10 shades available are: N4, N5, N7, N8, N9, C25, C45, C57, C6 & C8. You’ll be sure to find the exact shade to match your skin.




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C8, C6, C57, C45, N9, N8, N7, N5, N4, C25




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