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MMUK MAN Active Eye Cream Polish

$25.00 USD

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  • What Is It:  This premium eye cream is a revolutionary lightweight moisturizer. The luxury gel-like moisturizer melts into the skin to help nourish it through each layer. This ‘Shortlist Men’s Grooming Awards Winner’, just goes to show the waves it has already created in the beauty market for men. We only use premium and quality assured ingredients of natural origin to create their masterful line. This cream will steamroll to ensure your complexion is revitalized and feeling its best.

    As we get older, our skin changes, we lose moisture in the skin and dark circles become apparent. The formula used in this eye cream actively works to reverse those natural changes. It helps to sustain the moisture under the eyes, whilst providing defense against the blue and purple colors often present under the eyes of men aged 30 and above. But you don’t have to start then to enjoy this brilliant cream. Ensuring your eyes are moisturized daily, will leave your complexion looking alert and healthy.

    Formulation:  Cream

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Under Eye

    What Else You Should Know: The formula used in this premium active cream consist of many components. You’ll find ingredients such as, Dimethicone, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate & Cera Alba. As scientifically sounding as they do, the three work in harmony to provide antioxidant protection for your skin. This helps with the regeneration of skin cells and can support this day and night, should the cream be used both times of the day. Powerful and potent, the cream recharges your appearance and helps to fight fatigue, tiredness and under performing eyes. The formula is classed as active, which means as soon as it is applied to clean skin, it works instantaneously. You’ll find it balances perfection, hydration and cell boosting performance working together to enrich your skin with the needed nutrients for it to flourish. It will assist at bringing your eyes back to life, and being the focal point of every mans face, this should be invested in. We are proud and are kind to skin range benefits men of all ages, and of any skin type. Don’t waste another second, actively nourish the regeneration your eye area for a better complexion today. For locked in hydration to the skin around your eyes, choose MMUK MAN.