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MMUK MAN 6-Well Cream Contour Palette

$52.00 USD

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  • What Is It:  This 6-Well Cream Contouring Palette for men has the perfect formula for men with dry skin it will helps to keep their skin hydrated. The cream contour shades will all find themselves being used to highlight and redefine your facial features. The cream contour shades blend masterfully, much better than contour powders. With the help from a damp beauty blending sponge, you can naturally blend the shades together to create an untraceable and undetectable application. Define facial features, such as your cheekbone and jawline with this professional men’s contouring makeup kit, designed for men with oilier skin types. The set contains a mirror for convenience and precision and a range of shades to achieve your desired look.

    Formulation:  Cream

    Skin Type:  Dry

    Coverage:  Face

    What Else You Should Know: Contouring is the art of creating an illusion on your face. Using a palette, you will carve a different facial structure that is more prominent and definitive. The art of contouring has been around for years and it’s becoming increasingly popular among 21st century men. Who says men can’t join the revolution and feel confident with the additional help from makeup.

    The palette contains 6 cream contour shades. From lighter tones to dark, you’ll find yourself enjoying the range in this luxury 6 palette version. Our formulas are second to none. They work for your skin and aid towards the health of your skin too. MMUK MAN only uses natural ingredients in their formulas to ensure the best coverage. Upon application your skin will be nourished and conditioned throughout the day of wearing the contouring powder. Even after you’ve removed the solution, your skin remains nourished as the enriched formula soothes and heals your skin. The formula is perfect for dry skin types and helps to keep your skin hydrated.

    Contouring allows you to redefine your face. Give yourself slimmer cheeks and cheek bones that are sharp and masculine. Soften or strengthen your jawline for a look that is both pleasing. Using the combination of lighter and dark shades, you can literally create a new illusion. Use the range of darker shades for the depths of your cheekbones and lower jawline and edges of the nose. Highlight and target the areas such as, your forehead, chin, lower cheeks and under the nose to create texture and depth. The contour kit defines your face whilst camouflaging blemishes and uneven skin tones. It leaves you with a consistent and even, yet masculine, structured face.