MMUK MAN Color Correcting Palette

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Introducing the Colour Correcting Concealer Palette for men. Our latest line in our premium range of concealers for the skin. This set contains 5 luxury solutions in one convenient and smart case. The lightweight formulas enrich the skin and help to battle a host of skin related inconsistencies that many men have.
The set was created to provide men with the complexion they want without all the hassle and only leave a subtle detection of coverage. You can rebalance your skins appearance using the patented concealers to mask imperfections and other skin related annoyances.
Using only use kind to skin ingredients for their cosmetic range. You’ll find the formula is gentle but provides all day long coverage that leaves the skin nourished. The compact set will help to mask, blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, uneven skin that is rough and bumpy, dark circles and discoloured pigmentation across the skin. It will leave your complexion, even, toned and brighter. For a healthier and more youthful appearance, choose MMUK MAN.
Brightening – Which provides the skin with more luminosity. Achieve a complexion that is free from grey hues and unnatural ghoulish colours. You’ll enjoy a sun-kissed and toned glow.
Yellow – For those with fairer complexions, this colour correcting concealer will naturally brighten dark areas on the skin. Under the eyes where discoloration is apparent, this is due to blood vessels close to the skin. Leaving the skin toned blue and purple, you can mask this and enjoy a brighten complexion with eyes that look alert.
Mauve – For those who suffer from skin discolorations of yellowness, this concealer is the perfect match for you. Rebalancing out your skin tone to provide you with a complexion that is constantly glowing. It targets the sallowness in your skin and leaves anyone with a fair complexion looking fresh.
Peach – For a healthy and natural glow, this concealer will help you achieve this. A dewy clean and fresh appearance that is subtly coloured, but natural.
Green – Anyone who suffers from rosacea, or redness to the skin. The green concealer option will blanket these leaving you with a naturally healthy complexion. Suitable for those with sensitive skin, you’ll encourage the healing of the skin, whilst you enjoy a beautiful glow al round. It eliminates patchiness and provides an even skin tone.
The concealer set is the perfect option for those who suffer from either one or multiple skin inconsistencies. You can banish each one and the creamy concealers will naturally blend into one another, providing you with a fair and even coverage that is undetectable. Bring back the confidence in your skin and choose MMUK MAN to be the guiding light for healthier looking and feeling skin.