MMUK MAN 3-Well Powder Contour Palette

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Our beginners’ range is the perfect option for yourself or someone you know who is new to makeup and male cosmetics. This product has been designed by our experts to provide a tool that is easy to use from the get go. Inside this wonderfully luxury pack, you’ll find 3 excellent and premium face contouring powders. The professional formula used in these contouring kits is gentle and kind to the skin. MMUKman only uses the safest ingredients and natural actives to promote healthier skin through their makeup range. You’ll find upon application your skin feels good, as the ingredients provide nourishment to your skin. This happens right through until after you’ve taken off, when you skin will feel clear and soft. It enriches you skin with goodness only, unlike cheaper branded formulas that often leave skin feeling dry and cause irritation. The luxury formula helps you achieve a look that is masculine and most importantly natural. 
This kit comes together neatly in our iconic black casing and features a large mirror for you to use for precision. Available in two varieties, lighter skin tones and dark skin tones.
How To Use
Contouring your face, literally means to carve an illusion and by uses angles correctly, you can achieve a look that appears more toned, slimmer, more consistent. Makeup is a powerful tool and if used correct you can complete redefine your facial structure without having to go under the knife. Defining facial features can and will take some time. But with practice, comes the natural ability to highlight key features of your face with finesse and precision. You’ll become an artistic sculptor, as you carve more prominent cheekbones into your face and lay down a thicker and more masculine, heavy-set jawline. The palette might look complicated but by following our MMUK MAN Ultimate Guide to Contouring, you will find it nothing to be doubtful about. Using your mineral brush and apply to areas such as, underneath your jawline, down the cheeks, across the nose and temples with the darker shaded powder. The lighter shades should be applied to highlight areas such as the bridge of your nose, under the eyes and the lower part of your cheek for a definitive outcome. Ensure you blend together with a damp sponge to leave your application looking, even, toned and subtle. Set the contour in place with our MMUK MAN Anti-Shine powder and lock it in place. You can find step by step video tutorials all over the web, but practice will make perfect. Everyone had, to have started somewhere right?

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