MMUK MAN 3-Well Cream Contour Palette

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The perfect contouring palette for men with dry skin. The cream-based powder will nourish the skin and provide superior blending properties when buffering the face. The set contains a mirror for convenience and precision and a range of shades to achieve your desired look. We only use natural ingredients for our cosmetics and never allow harmful actives and unnatural extracts come into our range.
This 3-Well Cream Contour Palette is the perfect option for beginners to contouring. The formula works to cover up blemishes and provide full face camouflaging to other imperfections that can take a hit daily to your confidence. The art of contouring can be described as carving and painting an illusion onto your face. You reshape and restructure the mapping of the face, using shadows and highlighting. These contrasting factors either enhance or minimise your features.  
The Cream set comes in 2 varieties to ensure the perfect match for your skin.
How To Use 
You can give the illusion of a stronger and more masculine jawline and set of cheekbones, by blending the cream shades together. Target the areas such as your forehead, chin, and lower cheeks with the lighter shades to illuminate your face and add texture. Then using the darker shades to enhance depth and tone for areas such as under the jawline, the pits of your cheeks and edges of your nose. You can achieve a look that is predominantly more masculine and definitive. Use a damp blending makeup sponge to buffer and blend the shades to create a natural and effortlessly professional look. Your complexion will completely change as you rearrange your features to your liking. An amazing tool to use if you have a feature such as your nose that you feel is too big and wide. By learning how to contour correctly you can give the illusion of a thinner, sharper and slimmer nose by using a blending technique that illuminates this. This is the safest option and you’ll need not to go under the knife for a look that could take moments to apply daily.

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