MMUK MAN Anti-Aging Collagen Moisturizer

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We all naturally must age, that is a fact. Sadly, no-one enjoys this and the signs that bring to us that it is happening. Fine lines, wrinkles, the loss of elastic in our skin, dullness and the often a complexion that is discoloured and sorry for itself. Here at MMUK MAN we want to play our part in your aging process by providing you with a prolonged natural state. Our Anti-Aging Collagen Moisturiser is a revolutionary tool, to naturally help resist the aging process and ensure your skin at least ages with dignity.  We want to help the many men who feel doubtful about moisturisers and creams, to pick themselves up and enjoy a product that has been suitably designed for them hassle free. The pot itself comes in a generous 50ml size, which if used twice a day, morning and night, should last you for some time. The premium cream is lightweight and provides you with total coverage for both your face and neck. The formula is enriched with collagen, which naturally is found in your skin and as we age, we lose this naturally created collagen, because our bodies can’t make it as vibrantly as it did in our younger years. MMUK MAN's engineered moisturiser specifically targets the natural layers of your skin to penetrate the formula deep within. The collagen rich solution will deliver the actives to the skin and overtime, begin to heal your skin's overall complexion. The formula promotes the performance of hydration in the skin but retaining moisture on the surface. The enrich extracts of aloe vera, oatmeal and vitamin E, aid in nourishing the skin to look and feel better. Anyone with tired looking skin, but dry skin too, will benefit from our anti-aging gem. The natural oils infused, and combination of emollients allow this moisturiser to be rich and potent. It is suitable though for anyone suffering from irritated skin and sensitive skin with the added oatmeal active. This extract is used to blanket the skin and anyone suffering from skin that is hot, inflamed and angry will find it soothing and calming. The formula overall boosts the firmness and naturally elastic of the skin and whilst lifting and toning your skin too, helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  At MMUK Man we are proud to say our entire line is compatible with the structure of building up products for the skin.  We want to allow men to enjoy creating a skincare routine that works for them, and should you choose to follow up next with the added coverage of a concealer or anti-shine powder. MMUK MAN's elite product formulas allow and encourage this. The weightless moisturizers will leave you skin looking more youthful with consistent use and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy either. The perfect option for any man who is looking for a product to actively care for his skin, retaining key elements to ensure his overall complexion is youthful and clear.







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