MMUK MAN Anti Wrinkle Foundation

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  • N25
  • N4
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  • N7
  • N8
  • N9
  • N10
  • C45
  • C57
  • C6
Part of an exclusive range of foundation created by MMUK MAN to bolster the strength and health of your skin. It is a balance between being delicate and potent. Providing your skin with undateable and long-lasting coverage, whilst nourishing your skin and regenerating its structural properties. Foundations are used to cover and mask imperfections. You’ll find human skin to be naturally flawed and full of these types of burdens. And it is ok to have imperfections, you’ll find everyone has something. MMUK MAN wanted to tackle the market for men and allow them the same fresh-faced coverage, that women have been achieving for years and years. It uses a lighter style of foundation (to women’s cosmetics) and a formula to provide a natural, yet masculine approach to your desired look. You’ll be able to cover up imperfections such as: blemishes, spots, blackheads, broken capillaries along the skin's surface, dry and tough skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and discoloured pigmentation, puffiness and scarring. The patented formula camouflages these unwanted imperfections with ease. The solution has a complexity to its structure, which you’ll find different from the other foundations on the market. Cleverly developed the formula resizes and minimises men’s pores. It works with the melanin in your skin to provide uninterrupted and continual skin toning. So, your complexion is radiant and at the same time consistency all over. It features high levels of collagen, which is already structured in your skin, but the more you age the less collagen is produced. Using this specific formula lathers the skin to absorb the collagen to promote plumper and fresher skin. It aids towards skin cell regeneration, so upon the removal of the foundation your skin is nourished, firmer and more toned. You’ll see fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines and it’ll help to insert some youthfulness back into your face. It compliments the skin enormously and provides no irritation and discomfort when worn for the length of the day. Botanical ingredients and organic extracts are infused into the formula to help promote comfort, soothing abilities and conditioning to the skin. Due to its structural consistency too, the formula won't crack and look cakey on the skin.  Conceal and camouflage using MMUK MAN’s Hi-Def Foundation. Choose from a variety of shades to colour match to your skin and enjoy the aftermath of fresher, more supple and dewy skin that is bouncing in more youth.
How To Use
Starting off with a clean face, applying small dabs and building upon to increase coverage is the way to apply. Massage into the skin with either your finger tip, a makeup beauty blending brush or a blending brush. Using the last set of tools will ensure coverage that is even across the whole of your face. 
The shades available are, N25, N4, N5, N7, N8, N9, N10, C45, C57 & C6.




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N25, N4, N5, N7, N8, N9, N10, C45, C57, C6




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