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MMUK MAN Soothe Cuticle Protector

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  • What Is It:  MMUK MAN introduce their soothing formula to enrich the hands, feet and cuticles with a softening and strengthening cream. It is normal for us to neglect our hands, as we don’t think of them when protection ourselves when we apply items such as facial moisturizers. MMUK MAN have created a soothing remedy that will hopefully encourage you to remember, but if you don’t, it still delivers powerful and conditioning relief to the affected area. With daily use you’ll find the results are far greater and quicker too.

    Formulation:  Cream

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Hands And Feet

    What Else You Should Know: Our cuticles, feet and hands are often forgotten when applying skincare and body care products. As the most overworked parts of the body, we should be taking the time to look after them and ensure they are maintained. Men’s skin is tougher, thicker and harder than the opposite sex. So, an important factor to consider is a company that understands this principle and have selected/specialized products that have been crafted exclusively for men. MMUK MAN is a brand that understand this, and they build their foundation of products for their consumer (that’s you reading this). They are aware men have different skin structure and develop products that penetrate deeper into the skin with key active ingredients and components. Their Soothe Hand & Foot Cuticle Protector is second to none. You’ll find this powerhouse enriching and nourishing to the skin. It enforces deep conditioning to dry and hard skin and leaves it feeling softer and relieves any pain caused by hard skin. The formula contains natural obtained ingredients, vitamin E, avocado oil, chamomile and aloe vera. Each ingredient is important for the result left on your skin. They provide calming, soothing and skin nourishing properties to help skin that may feel inflamed, sore, tight and dry. The lightweight formula is a heavyweight boxer that breaks down most hardened skin calluses on the feet and hands. So, if you are actively using your hands in the day (i.e. builder doing manual labor), you can revive your hands which have taken a beating. Your skin is left non-greasy as the formula melts into the skin, leaving it softer and revitalized. The more you use this product throughout the day, the greater and quicker the results are.