MMUK MAN Mint Exfoliating Polish

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Exfoliation is key to achieving bright and healthy-looking skin. Regular exfoliation of the skin each week, will help to erase and slough off dead skin cells. This allows for newer skin underneath too form and breathe. The stimulation of the exfoliation will also encourage the flow of blood under the skin's surface to help with your complexion. You’ll also find you will get fewer breakouts, spots and blemishes and its essential for fighting these imperfections, reducing them to almost non-existent level. MMUK MAN’s Mint Exfoliating Polish will buffer the face to improve the quality of your skin. It only uses botanical ingredients and assists the general well being and health of your skin. The solution is enriched with extracts naturally derived from, apricot oils, apple, aloe vera, and lemon. These potent extracts actively maintain your skin's natural moisture and ensure your skin is hydrated, whilst being cleansed. By stripping the natural oils of your face and breaking away dirt, your skin is left exposed to the natural world. The formula creates a lightweight safeguard against natural aggressors and leaves your skin drenched in moisture. The added extracts of green tea, seaweed and sugar cane, reinforce your skins defense against breakouts and spot blemishes. This is essential to ensuring future breakouts from happening. MMUK MAN are proud to say their products are a revolutionary movement in the men’s grooming market. They utilise the best array of ingredients and cater to men’s skin firstly. Their polish is formulated to be accessible for all skin types to use and enjoy. And You’ll notice significant improvements around 2-3 weeks on routine use.  Balance it out nicely and over a short period of time, your complexion will look completely renewed.
How To Use
To apply this polish to the skin correctly, firstly damp your face. Apply a small dollop and in circular motions create a rich lather, you’ll begin to feel the beads against your skin. This motion will help to surface blood the skin and aid in retexturing your skin and bring colour back into it. Rinse off with water to reveal, softer and fresh skin. You’ll notice any hardened textures and rough patches will disappear and your complexion will feel more even and toned. Use this product safely 2-3 times a week. Any more will over stimulate your skin and cause it to become inflamed. 

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