Skin Primer

Men’s skin primers, sometimes called ‘makeup bases’, essentially act as a moisturizing, smoothing and protective undercoat to your makeup for men products, creating the perfect blank complexion canvas, before the application of male cosmetics, such as foundation, bronzer and concealer. Skin primers hydrate the skin, in the same way a regular facial moisturizer would in any makeup routine, without leaving your face oily and over lubricated, which causes makeup products to slip and slide all over your face upon application. The use of one of our makeup bases ensures your make up stays in place all day long, looks immensely natural and doesn’t lose performance later on in your day. Other benefits of this product range include unifying your skin tone, which in turn enhances the power of foundation and creating a protective barrier between your outer layer of skin and your chosen cosmetic products. Allowing your skin to breathe behind the scenes, you should never underestimate the power of a good male makeup base and their rejuvenating and refreshing qualities. If you’re still asking yourself why should I use a men's skin primer, co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley gives you four great reasons in his award-winning makeup for men blog.