Facial redness  is a very common skin complain that an increasing amount of men look to cover with men’s makeup products.  Often resorting to men’s cosmetics, after using a large amount of ‘anti-redness’ products, with moderate success, guys seek to achieve easy to master and natural looking coverage, with the likes of foundation and concealer.  If you’re in a similar bathroom conundrum, get yourself out of men’s grooming jail with the below selection of carefully created makeup for men. When navigating redness, it’s particularly important to invest in products that are not going to agitate or further irritate the skin.  For this, we recommend the use of mineral makeup products to combat and control the appearance of redness, as they are renowned for calming and healing the skin, whilst reducing inflammation and improving your skin’s natural protective barriers simultaneously. Covering redness with makeup for men is actually a lot easier than you might think and regardless of your experience with these types of products, with just a couple of practices, you’ll soon be working it like a pro. Begin every routine with MMUK MAN Anti-Redness Moisturizer, before building up to an enhanced and even complexion with your chosen mineral products.