Patchy Beards

It’s a trick that many of you guys may not have heard of yet, but a fast growing process in the world of men's makeup and grooming is ‘Beard Enhancement’ You don’t have to be a Hollywood action hero to get a fuller, tougher and more masculine beard nowadays with our new trade secrets brought directly to you.  Beard enhancement uses water based men's makeup and specialist brushes to locate, lock and alleviate hair follicles on your face.  Giving you instant masculinity and darker more defined facial hair. Promote your sex appeal by using these men's makeup products and let’s face it; if anything enhances your chances of attracting that beautiful man or women, why not add this to your regular shaving and moisturizing routine?  Shop below for beard and face makeup for men along with specialist application tools to achieve this ready for action look make you wonder why you’re not in the movies.