Mineral Makeup

As the demand for men's makeup continue to grow, we are very excited to launch our brand new and completely luxurious mineral makeup for men collection.  For those not too sure of the difference between mineral makeup and regular male cosmetics, allow us to elaborate.  Made up of pure minerals, such as iron, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, these components are very finely grounded and milled into the smallest of particles, creating what is essentially the makeup itself.  As a result of their formulation, mineral men's makeup does not contain parables, fragrances and dyes, which could potentially damage the skin.  Often seen as the perfect skin care compliment within makeup wear, such minerals boast incredible care and healing benefits, ideal for the modern man.  Perfect for sensitive and dry skin types, and for those who suffer with redness and rosacea, now is the time to look towards adopting a more mineral approach to your day to day cosmetic routines.  A luxurious, soothing and incredibly natural makeup range, upgrade your care today.