MMUK MAN Brow Setting Gel

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Men are becoming increasingly aware of their eyebrows in today’s cosmopolitan world. They are all taking it upon themselves to tidy, neaten and even sculpt their natural brows to enhance them. Once unruly and now tamed, with this super minimal and compact fixing gel. Applied over the brow and with its added shimmer, to really give the eye a good frame. Easily targeted and effective to line up the hairs on your brow for an effortlessly chic and still masculine, focal point. It is safe to say that a lot of men out there suffer from bushier brows. But, even sometimes combing them whilst the hair is wet, just isn’t enough. MMUK MAN have created a formula that is invisible once applied and dried. It allows you to hold your brows in place as your day unfolds. You’ll find it easy to maintain, big and masculine brows with the applicator inside. The formula is lightweight and white in colour. You can decide how much you wish to apply and build upon it for the desired amount. Once applied you can sculpt, clean and shape your brows into the style you are after. Should you wish to add volume, or neaten the edges, or even just maintain those loose hairs, MMUK MAN has you covered. A real luxury and something to help define your eye area immensely. Be sure to make sure you provide coverage to your eye area. As one of the first areas of the face seen by people, knowing you have a set of clean and tamed brows will guarantee you all sorts of confidence. Should you be hosting a meeting or liaising with a client. You’ll need not worry about an off hair out of place. MMUK MAN have constructed this little gem, with groomed perfection in mind, but also accessibility too. You will find that the applicator is the perfect size for any travelling. Whether that is traveling overseas or just in the country, the carry-on approved Brow Fixx Gel can be there every destination. Pop this product in your pocket, or bag. Should any touch-ups be required, you’ll know you have the support of MMUK MAN by your side. Brow Fixx Gel is available in 3 shades to enhance and shape your eye area impeccably. Feel confident knowing an unsightly brow hair will not be taking the focus from you as a businessman
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