MMUK MAN Blemish Base Cream

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BB Creams or (Blemish Balm Creams) are used to mask imperfections, the redness, texture and paleness of your skin. Giving you a supportive and thin layer, to blend out anything tackling your skins confidence. Ideally great for nights out, dates, work meetings or just in general. But it makes for a super option for those flare ups we are all prone too. MMUK MAN has beautifully selected a formula that is revolutionary in terms of coverage. The application is quick absorbing and lightweight. It has an anti-shine finish and due to its consistency, leaves a perfect, non-cakey application. This engineered 5-in-1 formula grants you multiple protective and radiating benefactors, to improve and cover your skin flawlessly. Sebum Controlling - Providing you coverage that is anti-shine and oil-absorbing after application. Inbuilt Tint - Coverage is radiant with added tints. The shades are masculine and aid your skin with moisturising and hydrating properties to battle imperfections. Your skin, looking refreshed and re-energised. Age Defence - Firming formula that eliminates dark circles and prevents sagginess and fatigue in your skin. This daily solution works wonders on your face by improving elasticity and toning the areas that need it the most. It protects the skin from aggressors from the environment, toxins and harmful impurities that make their way to and into the skin. This formula halts that from happening, allowing your skin to remain purified. Brightening Enzymes - Further radiance and a matte glow are achieved with the microscopic shields in these brightening catalysts. The light is refracted off the skin to give a masculine shimmer. Your skin's texture will appear more even and toned, masking and protecting damaged or rough looking areas. Whitening Molecules - Molecules in the formula play an important role in targeting those aging lines, wrinkles and stressed areas. Concentrating on that the cream re-plumps the skin and areas where aging is or has taken place. It softens the overall appearance, providing a more youthful looking skin and a more even complexion. You'll achieve a huge confidence boost by using this very lightweight BB-cream, infused with botanical and natural ingredients.
Our BB cream is exclusively available in five premium shades ranging from: Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium & Dark. You’ll be sure to find a suitable match to give yourself flawless coverage and allow you a base to build upon. 

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