MMUK MAN Under Eye Liquid Concealer

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  • N4
  • N5
  • N75
  • N8
  • N95
  • C25
  • C45
  • C57
  • C6
  • C8
It is (absolutely) normal to have imperfections on your face and around the eye area is no exception. We are living in a digital takeover era where you look, drained and tired. And to turn that around we should be spending less time on our gadgets, but for some that is part of their work, so the options are a little tricky. So, MMUK MAN have provided gentlemen a tool to erase and camouflage the darkness that engulf the eyes of men across the country. Your eyes are the focal point to your face, so allowing them to look their best will give you advantages overtime. Fresh faced eyes that are alert are engaging and great to look at. There are many options for you to have imperfections under your eyes, be it due to natural aging, stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation and just unnaturally pigmented skin. Deep and dark skin around your eyes can come across sluggish and inattentive. You’ll find this apparent when engaging with another person. MMUK MAN can fix this temporarily for you with their premium line of liquid concealer pens. 10 shades of pure coverage to hide dark circles and puffiness, caused by stress and fatigue. The eyes are the first-place signs of natural aging show and by using this liquid concealer, you can negate the appearance of it all. Beautifully crafted and formulated to be lightweight and effective. This liquid concealer is the perfect option for you to use when you are overworked and stressed. Tackle those problems and give the illusion of brighter and more alert looking skin. A small application under the eye and blended in gently, will hide dark shadows and help reflect light off your face, showcasing a refreshed and energised complexion. The formula is nourishing to the skin and comfortable, allowing for a hold all day that won’t irritate your eyes. It provides you with coverage that is natural appearing and undetectable. A versatile option to choose with precision and accuracy to promote an even application. Ideally getting plenty of sleep will give your eyes that fresh look. This tool is the perfect partner to use for a big date, or interview. If your nerves have gotten the better of you and you woke up looking dull, pop this on to instantly give the illusion you are ready to tackle the day. The 10 shades available guarantee you to find the exact right shade to match your skin. No-one need be the wiser, it is that simple.
The shades include: C25, N4, N5, C45, C57, C6, N7, C8, N8 & N95.




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N4, N5, N75, N8, N95, C25, C45, C57, C6, C8




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