MMUK MAN Concealer Trio Wheel

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  • Cool Buffed - N2 N3 N4
  • Warm Front - N3 N4 N5
  • Instant Neutrals - N5 N7 N8
  • Serious Colour - N9 N95 N10
  • Sun Soaked - C6 C7 C8
For year-round coverage, choose MMUK MAN. Introducing our Concealer Trio to redefine your grooming routine. This ingenious pot contains 3 shades that counterpart one another. You are provided with 3 choices to achieve that perfect sun kissed tan, no matter the timing of the year. Concealer are used to cover numerous imperfections and blemishes, that we as men often endure daily. It is normal to have skin that is uneven and imperfect, but you can achieve the opposite using specially created products to mask this. Some gents are lucky to have near to perfect skin, regular skin treatments, a good diet, or simply good genes. For those who struggle with imperfections and feel it damaging your confidence. There is a way to change this and a simple application can make turn a huge milestone. Here at MMUK MAN have formulated our Concealer Trio to be subtle and kind to your skin. It is lightweight against the skin, but thick with its camouflaging properties. And a lot goes a long way. It provides you with full undetectable coverage that is quite untraceable to the eye. Imperfections such as, blackheads, pimples, redness to the skin, damaged skin pigments, wrinkles and fine lines can all be temporarily erased. This concealer trio is a marvellous revolution to provide you with total coverage with the utmost of ease. The pot comes in a travel friendly black case, so you’ll find it sits appropriately inside your bathroom cabinet. Again, a suitable item to take with you on your travels too. You’ll find a total of 5 different applicators to choose from, each with 3 concealer shades. We developed this item to provide the best visual outcome for your skin, through the different times of the year. The 5 versions include: Cool, Warm Front, Sun Soaked, Instant Neutrals & Serious Colour. So, should the temperature drop, and you require a specific tan to match the cooler colours that winter brings, you have the option to achieve this result. It works the same for hotter months with a warmer palette to give you a refreshed and radiating complexion. To apply, just swipe your finger across the formula. Or for better precision and accuracy, use a blending brush or makeup application sponge. You’’ find this the better option to not transfer oil from your finger onto the area applied. Your skins tone and texture will be more even and accurate. The luxury formula should be lightly pressed into the skin, to avoid smearing it and making it look streaky. Less is more, so apply lightly to begin and build upon should you require. The coverage is consistent, masculine and natural. You’ll find MMUK MAN have created a solution that sits appropriately on the face and is thorough.
Cool, Warm Front, Sun Soaked, Instant Neutrals & Serious Colour




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Cool Buffed - N2 N3 N4, Warm Front - N3 N4 N5, Instant Neutrals - N5 N7 N8, Serious Colour - N9 N95 N10, Sun Soaked - C6 C7 C8




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