Foundations are used as part of a makeup routine, or as an individual product, providing the first layer of enhanced coverage.  You’ll find the benefits of foundation to be something quite brilliant.  Providing camouflage to a host of imperfections you can achieve a complexion that is free from, blackheads, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries, redness, tough skin, scarring, pigmentation and discoloration of the skin, puffiness and dark circles.  These are but a few of the common normal imperfections some men have on their faces.  Our range of luxurious quality men’s face foundations have been carefully chosen to give men a timely boost in confidence, whilst expertly catering for their various skin types.  MMUK MAN's men's foundation collection features various types including Liquid, Cream to Powder, Mineral and Matte foundations each individually formulated to enhance your complexion in the most subtle of ways.  If you’re relatively new to the world of makeup for men or just unsure which type of foundation is right for you, read our Foundation For Men, Which One Is Right For You? blog, which outlines some key rules to follow on your journey to selecting the right foundation for you.  Look fresh, more youthful and blemish free for your latest Instagram post, business meeting, or date night with a little help from the professionals.  MMUK MAN’s range features our award-winning Liquid Foundation For Men and Mineral Matte Foundation, both ideally equipped to help you put your best face forward.