Fatigued Skin

If you’re fed up looking like an extra from the Walking Dead, every time you stay out for a couple of extra drinks on a school night, or fail to get your full quote of seven to eight hours of sleep a night, there’s definitely a few road blocks you can put in place, to halt your journey towards that dreaded fatigued and dull looking complexion, most of us have to face every once in a while.  Men’s skin actually burns more energy that women’s and recent studies have shown that dullness, tiredness and yellowness are actually significantly more pronounced on men.  However gentlemen, it’s not all doom and gloom.  There’s a raft of men’s cosmetic and skin care products out there on the male grooming market, to provide you with some much needed firepower in the bathroom, in your daily fight against fatigue.  To save you the time and deliberation in finding and choosing the correct products for your under performing skin, we’ve put together the below collection of near-legendary products, designed to give your skin surface the ultimate boost.  A combination of men’s foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer, along with a concealer, usually work wonders and will allow you to discreetly hide the effects of a night of heavy drink with your friends, or staying up late binge watching your favorite box set or latest Netflix series.