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MMUK MAN Beard Shadow Palette

$34.00 USD

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  • What Is It:  MMUK MAN’s most luxurious grooming set for facial hair. This professional and camera-ready set that will guarantee flawless and undetectable results, with each use. A full kit to help any men who suffer from the thinning of facial hair across their face.

    Formulation:  Powder

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Facial Hair Area

    What Else You Should Know:  This beard shadow palette will become a huge part of your daily grooming routine, if you’ve experienced patchiness and thinning facial hair. Additional to the 5 premium shades available to you, you receive an application tool, doubled ended with an angled brush and wand. This ensures that every step is catered for, from beginning to end. Facial hair comes in many different styles and for some, patchiness is apparent and very normal. For a large group of men this type of patchy facial hair hinders their confidence and leaves them feeling insecure.

    Here at MMUK MAN we saw this type of man and decided to help reform your attitude towards your beard. Using a beard filler will camouflage the area and give the illusion of consistency throughout your hair. You’ll notice remarkable coverage that a blanket of powder can achieve with a simple allocation. MMUK MAN was designed to help men feel good about themselves. Using only top ingredients and active technology to increase your confidence one application at a time. The 5 shades come in a lightweight wax for ultimate and easy blending. Reshape and recolor your facial hair with this premium shadow palette. Additionally, the power of this formula is powerful enough to blanket grays hairs. So, should you find yourself with the first silver hair protruding from your facial hair, you have the option to mask it with MMUK MAN. (We won’t tell!)