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MMUK MAN Beard Mascara

$20.00 USD


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  • What Is It:  Mascara for your beard. The beard enhancer that allows you to showcase an illusion, that will provide a natural coverage to the face. For men who prefer fuller looking beards. This premium and award winning product fills in the area applied to and gives a great coverage that will last all day. This award winning product is available in 3 premium shades to match your facial hair.

    Formulation:  Gel

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Facial Hair Area

    What Else You Should Know:  Versatile and undetectable. Here at MMUK MAN we have beautiful created this multitasking mascara to promote fuller facial hair. This formula comes in a gel format that is slightly tinted, to encourage natural shine to the hair. Men can do everything to tame a beard, but sometimes you need that extra helping-hand. So, after you’ve cleansed and conditioned your beard, you’ll want to apply this detailing beard mascara. It works to help maintain unruly hairs and keep you looking groomed and in check, all day long. Its formula is lightweight and comes in three subtle tones. Black for those with dark facial hair, brown for those with medium to light hair and clear. The clear option, due to its transparency will thicken what is already there and give the illusion of facial hair that is fuller. The two shades of color will provide coverage that is fuller and pigmented for a deeper set of hair. This latest addition to our MMUK MAN range was designed to also help men with any patchiness they have in their facial hair. Unfortunately, we as men often have patchy areas in our beards, here at MMUK MAN we took this into consideration when constructing this revolutionary product. Patchy facial hair is one of the biggest dampeners for confidence in men. It has been shown in the media countless times of men across the globe who struggle because of the thinning of their hair, or areas to which facial hair isn’t as full as they would prefer.

    The formula creates a safeguard for those who struggle with these sorts of problems. Providing you with thicker and fuller facial hair. Its tinted shades encourage a natural volume to the hair that looks impeccable and invisible to everyone else. You’ll find and notice that the formula generates better confidence for yourself that lasts all day long. This water-resistant formula will remain undetected all day, simply enhance or provide an illusion. It is great for those who want: a neater beard, patch free facial hair, or that perfect designer stubble. Easy to apply for a durable long-lasting coverage. The solution absorbs quickly and allows you to focus on the day ahead. Another added benefit of the mascara is the darken effect it has on grey facial hairs. Once applied, you’ll notice any grey hairs are hidden. So, a fabulous option for any loose and random ones that have appeared. Don’t pluck them, cover them. Multitasking and confidence ensuring, MMUK MAN have provided a tool for men to have a perfect groomed beard.