MMUK MAN Kohl Pencil Eye Liner

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Defining your eye area can sound daunting for any guys who aren’t used to wearing makeup. But it doesn’t have to damage your masculine appearance, only enhance it. MMUK MAN have a line of selected liners for men to use, to improve the features across you face. The Waterproof Guyliner pencil is no acceptation. Formulated with luxury and one mission to boost the confidence with a powerful and defined eye. Men today are becoming more and more accepting towards pushing their grooming game further, with cosmetics ingeniously made for men. For a professional finish, you should choose MMUK MAN to deliver a look that is subtle, but definitive. You needn’t apply too much, as a little goes a long way. A minimalist’s touch-up can completely transform your eyes for a look that is darker, deeper and more dominant. The patented formula is free from nasty ingredients that are often found in lower branded items. These sorts of ingredients often lead to long term damages, so you’ll feel confident knowing that MMUK MAN’s formulas only use kind to skin and safe elements and natural extracts. This levels the playing field and ranks MMUK with the premium top branded cosmetics on the market today.  This popular guyliner is a versatile tool to create a more confident you. MMUK MAN take pride in knowing that their range of eye transforming tools are second to none. Day to day, you can wear their specially designed formula for eyes that are subtly impulsive and allure people to them. The product can be used on its own for a touch of darkness, or part of a full makeup regime to give you the desired look you are after. It will certainly impress those who take note of them. Redefine your eyes with this masculine and professionally framing tool exclusively by MMUK MAN.
How To Use
Applying the liner is simple, a little outline around the eye can provide a striking gaze. The black shade option allows for the user to have a bold rocker look, which promotes an alluring and dominating darkness to your eyes. For those who wish to take it back a little the shade of brown is subtle and effective. Adding a little extra colour and texture to your eyes to enhance the eyes themselves. Applying the formula to the eyes natural enhances them and with smudge-free definition, you’ll nicely frame them. 
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