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MMUK MAN Brow Liner Pencil

$16.00 USD

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  • What Is It:  Available in two selected shades, the brow liner will revolutionize your grooming experience. Your eyes are the area people look at first when they meet you. A framed set of brows will keep the focal point around that eye area. Men often have bushy and wild brows. It comes with the territory. Here at MMUK MAN we have crafted together a tool to frame and neaten your brows, to provide you with a sophisticated and streamlined look.

    Formulation:  Ceram

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Eye Brows

    What Else You Should Know:  It's no shame today that more and more men, are going the extra mile to provide themselves with the best-groomed version of themselves. And there is no reason why you can’t be one of these 21st century men. We live in a visual world and attention to detail can often present opportunities for yourself. Men usually have a wide volume or hair, and it tends to be the sides that suffer the most. Neatened borders and tidy edges can make a huge difference to your entire look and its easy to do it (and pain free too). You’ll not need tweezers, with MMUK MAN’s Brow Liner. The applicator pencil will structure and shape your eye and provide you with a professional look. The formula is subtle and provides coverage that lasts the day ahead. It is undetectable and formulated to be weightless against the eyes. It adds a natural hint of color and texture that enhances your natural features. Augmenting your face and engaging those around you with a prominent and confident gaze.The formula is made with natural ingredients to ensure the safety and health of you skin. With engineered science to provide a luxury application, that doesn’t cause irritation to the skin once applied.

    The Brow Liner pencil by MMUK MAN is one of the most premium on the market today. Not sacrificing your masculinity in anyway, but only promoting the best- groomed version of yourself, for the world to see.


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