Dry Skin

For men who suffer with dry skin, yet want to take full advantage of men’s makeup products, we have put together the below selection of perfect products for you. If your skin has a natural tendency to dry out, look uneven and become flaky and patchy, then you will most likely fall into the dry skin category. The good news is, that such a skin type can be combated with the use of an appropriate daily moisturizer or skin primer.  Once you’ve applied your chosen product, you’ll then be ready to complete your makeup for men routine in complete style.  When choosing makeup products, look out for Cream or Liquid based formulas, as these offer optimal hydration to the skin, long into your day.  By selecting such products, you’re really able to rebuild your skin’s natural moisture barrier and your dry skin won’t have a single say in how fresh and healthy your complexion looks.  We’ve put together some great BB creams, concealers and foundations, so you can navigate dry skin and build the perfect routine quickly and easily.