Dark Circles

Here at MMUK MAN our collection of Dark Circle destroyers, which include under eye concealers and men’s eye creams.  Dark circles are a common skin imperfection gentlemen struggle with and can be difficult to address.  Dark circles typically arise when the blood vessels beneath this very delicate and thin area of skin become more visible, after the break down of fatty deposits that protect the eye area.  Continued lack of sleep, stress and dehydration are just some of the factors that can darken these vessels further and make dark circles appear even more visible.  A lot of guys tend to turn to men’s makeup products, such as concealers, to combat dark circles and under eye puffiness, as these typically have brightening and highlighting capabilities, that refract light off this thin area of skin and unify its tone.  It’s important to choose an eye cream that strengthens and regenerates cellular function, such as MMUK MAN’s Active Eye, which also uses peptides to support this delicate area of skin’s recovery and combine this with a highlighting concealer, such as MMUK MAN’s Concealer Pen, to ensure all day coverage against the appearance of these troublesome men’s skin blighters.