MMUK MAN Color Correcting Liquid Primer

$26.00 USD


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  • What Is It:  These correctors will add an extra burst of definition to your entire complexion and help with a range of skin related insecurities. The product works alongside other MMUK MAN products such as foundations, bb creams and concealers. They work to prime and ready the face, before you build upon the facial canvas in front of the mirror. Primers are a great option to use for color balancing and allow you to set yourself up properly, before you apply the next level of coverage.

    Formulation:  Liquid

    Skin Type:  All

    Coverage:  Desired Area

    What Else You Should Know:  MMUK MAN know that there are many inconsistencies with men’s skin. For starters, men generally have tougher skin than the opposite sex. So, a formula to be powerful enough to adapt and penetrate, to deliver the goodness has been taken into consideration with the entire range of MMUK MAN’s beauty cosmetics. And their range of Liquid Color Correctors are no exception. 5 ingenious and brilliant options to use, for men who have specific requirements for their skin.

    The primers can be used simultaneously and can be blended with a blending brush to provide a professional touch of class to the skin. The powerful vitamin enriched formula is kind to the skin and protects against the numbers of skin related inconsistencies labelled above. MMUK are proud to say they really do put your skin first. You’ll find the primers, work hard to balance out imperfections and leave you a blank canvas to work upon. Your complexion will be left looking even, toned and subtly masculine.