MMUK MAN Pro Finish Cream Foundation

$34.00 USD


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  • What Is It:  Cream to powder foundation for men.  With great camouflaging abilities, it is natural, masculine, undetectable, subtle and lightweight. It helps to optimize the moisture retention levels within your skin, while leaving it nourished for a pro finish. Available in 10 shades.

    Formulation:  Cream to Powder

    Skin Type:  Dry or Oily

    Coverage:  Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:  Foundations are used to provide you with full face coverage. They work to camouflage imperfections such as, spots, fine lines and wrinkles, moles, rough skin, redness and broken capillaries, blackheads and uneven texturing to the skin. They provide the skin with a complexion that is imperfection free and consistent all round. Very popular with a camera-ready desired look.

    Thankfully though, MMUK MAN’s experts created this specific foundation to give you that full coverage but keeping that masculine factor about it. Without questions being raised, you’ll just appear to have a beautiful fresh complexion. The foundation is applied as a cream before it sets on the face as an ultra fine powder. The solution works to sit perfectly on the skin, without it leaving heavy residue and becoming cakey and thick. You’ll find this rich formula doesn’t clog your pores either. Formulated inside are a variety of extra properties to enhance your skin and the health of it too. Pigment highlighters are built into the solution to target your skin's main pigment melanin. This leads to clearness and consistency on the skin. You’ll be left looking fresh and healthier, which will not go unnoticed. The ingredients used are only the best. Using the world's most organic extracts that are kind to the skin and will not cause long term harm. Our experts here at MMUK MAN have handcrafted the formula to nourish the skin and with its patented pro-active moisturizing complex, this is possible. By using this foundation alongside with a moisturizer or primer beforehand, you can rest knowing your skin will not become dehydrated throughout the day. For full faced and masculine coverage with a formula that supports your skins health, you should choose choose MMUK MAN Cream Foundation for and untraceable full coverage.