MMUK MAN Mineral Loose Foundation

$31.00 USD


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  • What Is It:  A mineral infused foundation that boosts your skins strength whilst providing total undetectable coverage. It makes an excellent option for those day where you are stressed and tired and looking a tad grey. It happens to us all in the workplace and a light dusting of the mineral foundation will ensure you look fresh faced and ready. Available in 7 shades.

    Formulation:  Powder

    Skin Type:   Dry, Oily and Sensitive Skin

    Coverage:  Medium to Full Face

    What Else You Should Know:  MMUK MAN’s mineral range is an exclusive and premium line, made possible by the experts in the labs at MMUK MAN. Who always put their target audience first when it comes to creating cosmetic products. The Mineral Foundation Loose Powder is a luxury quality foundation that provides you with an even coverage and fresh complexion. Foundations are used to mask your face and set a consistency across it. You’ll find foundation a great way to conceal large amounts of imperfections that appear day to day. Things such as blackheads, large pores, wrinkles and fine lines, any type of pigmentation or discoloration to the skin, broken capillaries that are prominent underneath the skin's surface level, dark spots and moles, bags under the eyes, redness, bumpiness and rough skin, scarring and puffiness. This range of imperfections are normal to have. You might have a couple from the list, or the odd one. It is human to have flaws and imperfect skin. For some chap you might find you do and try every skincare routine out there and still these imperfections linger and that is okay.

    MMUK MAN have released their award-winning makeup range to give you a helping-hand and provide camouflaging assistance where needed. You can feel confident that you will always look your best, with even the most minimalist amount of coverage to your face. The Mineral Foundation Loose Powder is an item that you can use to provide the necessary level of coverage to leave you feeling stronger about your entire look. The powder is enriched with a formula that is kind to the skin. The powder, which is ultra-fine, will help to nourish the skin, unlike cheaper brand that often dry out the skin its applied-on. This makes it a brilliant option for those with dry, oily and/or sensitive skin. The formula locks in moisture to help retain optimal levels and leave your skin plump and hydrated. The powder will not clump, cake or crack once applied, due to its finite consistency. Your complexion will be left looking healthy and toned, with an undetectable finish.