Acne & Spots

One of the main reasons men decide to wear makeup is to cover up the appearance of acne, spots, blackheads and even acne scaring.  If you’re a guy in this boat, struggling to stay on top of confidence crippling skin you are certainly not alone. The great news is, with a very particular set of makeup for men products, you can quickly disguise the common symptoms of acne and conceal spots, allowing you to reveal a fresher, healthier and clearer complexion.  If you have acne that is widespread across your face, the use of a men’s foundation will adequately blanket your skin in natural looking cover-up.  However, if it’s the odd pimple that pops up or lingering blemish, that won’t seem to budge, then a quick application of concealer on its own will nicely do the job.  Co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley suffered horrendously with acne and spots during his teens and early 20’s, which encouraged him to start wearing the likes of foundation and concealer. BB cream’s and men’s tinted moisturizers have recently come onto the men’s cosmetics scene and in their own right, have acne and spot healing and concealing power.  Below, we have put together a very small but targeted collection of men’s makeup products to camouflage acne and spots, as well as a couple of treatments that are well worth trying.  Don’t forget to check out our anti-acne range of skin care for men also, allowing you to begin your first line of defense against breakouts, with a specialist set of face products designed specifically for men’s skin.